Compassion is the most compelling force in the world

 It calls us to stop war. Prevent famine. Celebrate diversity. It’s the glue that holds civilization together.

Call of Compassion NW is a resource for compassionate action at the grassroots in our region.


We all know those who are oppressed or underserved in our midst: impacted by addictions, homelessness, racism, domestic abuse and the like, and we often are confronted by the question: "but what can I do?" The reality is It Begins With Us! When we engage the underserved in our neighborhoods and communities, the Call of Compassion NW Network will be there to help us, by:

  • Bringing people together for conversation and to get to know one another.
  • Facilitating dialogue and developing relationships of trust.
  • Shaping goals that address the issues and incorporate community assets in the solutions.
  • Managing project teams that are accountable to achieve sustainable outcomes.

Our Vision

“A world where all of us experience compassion as the fabric of life.”